AbacusConsulting wins major World Bank Project for Land Records Management Information System (LRIS)

AbacusConsulting has won another World Bank funded Project under the umbrella of Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS). AbacusConsulting now has an understanding with the Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab to provide quality assurance and monitoring services for LRMIS project in 36 Districts of Punjab Province.

The key objectives of the Punjab LRMIS Project are to improve the land records service delivery of the Province of Punjab, which will contribute to a long-lasting tenure security and more efficient operation of land markets. The project will upgrade the land records management system for Punjab by revising current business processes and associated legislation and regulations, establishing Service Centers where land records will be maintained and available to the public in digital form, and establishing linkages between the land records system and the system for registration of deeds. The project will have four components:

(a) The first component will address improvements in business processes and increased institutional capacity at the provincial, district, and lower administrative levels;

(b) The second component will put in place the automated land record system, including the applied software;

(c) The third component will focus on improved service delivery to the population, and include a set of public outreach activities and;

(d) The fourth component will deal with project management, monitoring and evaluation.

Within this broad framework, AbacusConsulting’s role will be towards Quality Assurance and Monitoring of data entry and other operations.

AbacusConsulting’s team worked hard and with utmost commitment to secure this project and will ensure its delivery as per their expected high standards.