R.E.P status achieved by AbacusConsulting

We are pleased to announce that Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) status granted to Abacus by Project Management Institute, USA, has been upgraded from that of an Internal Training Provider to a Global Provider for the enrollment period of 01 October 2012 through 30 September 2013. This R.E.P. enrollment positions us as a Global Internal Training Provider, thus enabling us to cater to our national and international clients for project management competence development as well.

PMI R.E.P.s has trained an estimated 3 million students in the last few years. 2011 survey of training providers revealed that 80 percent of organizations who seek training in project management prefer to work with an R.E.P. and practitioners view the R.E.P. designation as a stamp of quality.

We hope after becoming a Global R.E.P., Abacus will gain greater recognition and credibility and this would enable our business to grow rapidly as we reach community of more than 500,000 project practitioners in over 185 countries.