AbacusConsulting sponsored 3rd International CEO Summit 2012

AbacusConsulting sponsored the ‘3rd International CEO Summit 2012’ organized by Manager Today on May 24th 2012.

Top business leaders from across the country attended the event and shared their valuable knowledge regarding the challenges being faced by Pakistan and the ways to tackle them. The discussion was followed by the launch of “100 Business Leaders of Pakistan”, a book that covers the distinguished business personalities, leaders, entrepreneurs and difference makers of the country.

The prominent personalities who spoke on the occasion included MCB Chairman Mian Mansha, Descon Chairman Abdul Razak Dawood, former Engro Corporation Ltd. President Asad Umar, Beaconhouse National University VC Sartaj Aziz, Media Times CEO Shehryar Ali Taseer, Royal Palm CEO Ramzan Sheikh, Wateen CEO Naeem Zamindar, KFC Cupola CEO Raffiq Rangoonwala, Auriga Group Chairman Jamshaid Iqbal Cheema, FranklinCovey CEO Andleeb Abbas, AbacusConsulting Executive Director Fatima Asad-Said,  Depilex CEO Musarrat Misbah and Care Foundation CEO Seema Aziz.

The summit proved to be the first event in the history of Pakistan where a considerable number of CEOs from different business entities came together and shared their views and experiences. The summit comprised of multiple panel discussions on leadership, entrepreneurship, economic prosperity and management in turbulent times.